A CAPRICIOUS COLOUR CONUNDRUM – What is the Laddie aqua?


Many comment on our vivid and vibrant blue/green colour (how could you miss it?), and there are many theories as to where it came from. It tends to be a “love it or hate it” colour – which is very Bruichladdich in itself!

The latest to pose the question is the peakperspective.com blog who comment on the origins and purpose of our beguiling “funky not-quite-blue-not-quite-green color”. Thanks peakperspective, and allow us to shed some light.

Firstly we should be very clear, we are yet to be able to afford or, indeed, desire a “marketing division” or other such grown-up commercial trappings, and the answer is much more simple and, we hope, poetic.

Our blue/green colour – we call it “aqua” – is quite simply the colour of the sea outside the distillery on a bright spring day – we see it a thousand times a day when we look out of the window, and we have never seen the same colour twice. It really is wonderfully enigmatic and fleeting, and we confess to having spent many tens of thousands of pounds in proofing our tins over the years to try and capture that particular shade of aqua exactly – an evocative representation of that capricious light and sea that is such a feature of these Western Isles.

And, peakperspective, watch this space… as we are even now proofing our new Laddie 16-Year-Old Classic and Laddie 22-Year-Old Classic, and these terrific drams are due to take the Laddie aqua story to the next level…

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