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Teapigs and Bruichladdich. Two B Corp companies, from neighbouring nations and opposite ends of the drinks spectrum. Both doing all they can to ensure they have a positive impact on their extended communities and the planet. Two easy cocktails that bring their products together!

Teapigs set out in 2006 to refocus Britain’s attention on quality teas and make them accessible. They sustainably source their 100% natural whole tea leaves, berries, herbs and spices, and were the first tea company to be certified plastic-free. They make 43 different types of tea, currently, with a team of 42 based in Brentford, England.

As you may know, Bruichladdich Distillery matures and bottles all of our whisky on Islay, West Scotland, and increasingly source our malting barley here too. Our operations are deeply embedded in the island community, where we’ve grown since 2001 to become the largest private employer. We make three single malt whiskies and The Botanist Gin, which quite often leads us into cocktail territory... These recipes use The Classic Laddie - one of our multi-vintage cuvees created by Head Distiller Adam Hannett to showcase the unpeated Islay single malt Bruichladdich house style.


While the name itself is most likely a variant on the Middle Eastern julab or golab – drinks which range from fruit syrups of carob and dates to rose water - it’s most commonly thought of as a staple beverage of the Southern United States (it’s the official drink of the Kentucky Derby!).

Mint Juleps have been around to help while away the hot American summers since the 18th Century – though originally they were prescribed to cure stomach bugs rather than as a refreshment. They were so popular, rumour has it even President Roosevelt was a fan (thanks to a special reserve of mint grown at the White House, despite his hard stance on alcohol).

The traditional recipe calls for fresh mint leaves, but there are advantages to being able to make this straight from store cupboard ingredients. The Classic Laddie has a hint of mint and marine freshness in the bouquet and is non-chill filtered, giving it a rich texture that mingles with the flavoursome oils of Teapigs’ Peppermint Tea.

50ml Classic Laddie
1 Teapigs Peppermint Tea temple
50ml boiled water
2 tsp brown sugar
Fresh mint for garnish

1. Brew your peppermint tea for 5 - 10 minutes in 50ml of freshly boiled water - the longer you brew, the more minty the final flavour.
2. Add sugar while it’s still hot, then allow it to cool.
3. Add whisky and shake with ice.
4. Strain into an old fashioned glass over crushed ice. Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy.


Floral flavours work really well in whisky sours. The Classic Laddie has freshly cut wildflowers on the nose, and the chamomile compliments the sweetness of the barley and vanilla from the casks. Extra colour and juiciness come from the whole flowers in Teapigs Chamomile Tea.

50ml Classic Laddie
1 Teapigs Chamomile Tea temple
50ml boiled water
30g sugar
30ml lemon juice
30ml aquafaba or 1 egg white

1. Brew your chamomile tea for 5 - 10 mins in 50ml freshly boiled water.
2. Add sugar while it’s still hot, then allow it to cool.
3. Add to shaker with the other ingredients and shake for one minute without ice. Then add ice and shake again until cool.
4. Strain into old fashioned glass.

We hope these ideas get the inspiration flowing for combining fine herbal brews and unpeated single malt. Slaìnte!

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