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Does it matter where whisky is matured?


Hole and Corner is a magazine that celebrates “craft, beauty, passion and skill”.  A defiiantly analogue beacon in our digital age, just picking it up is enough to make you realise that you are handling something out of the ordinary.  It is heavy with the scent of ink and each page presents itself as a work of art, right down to the weight of paper, and the elegant use of white space.

We were originally contacted by creative director Sam Walton who was exploring ideas for the forthcoming ‘senses’ issue. There was much chat about the sensory experience of Islay, the Hebrides, whisky and the place of our great industry within this island community.

Sam then introduced us to Richard Benson, a well known journalist and contributor to Hole and Corner who was to spend several days with us facing down the winter storms in January, This is perhaps the ideal time to come if you are looking to record a genuine slice of life here on the Outer Edge.

James McNaught at Bolsay, Islay

Richard is also the author of two very well received books of social history –  but if that sounds dry, believe us, these books are anything but.  “The Farm” is an account of the erosion and ultimate loss of his family’s way of life in Yorkshire.  His second book, ‘The Valley’, is an epic sweep through the lives of a mining community in the 20th century.  They are remarkable, unforgettable pieces of work.  Richard also spent a period as editor of ‘The Face‘, an extremely influential arts magazine that almost defined the British modern music and cultural scenes in the 1980’s and ’90s.

Photographer James McNaught then followed in Richard’s footsteps to gather the beautiful shots that now illustrate what was to become a powerful insight into who we are and what we do.

Hole and Corner is first and foremost a beautiful print publication and as such is not fully available to read on line.

We are grateful Richard, James, Sam, and ‘Hole and Corner’ managing director Nick Watts for making the article ‘Liquid Assets’ available to Bruichladdich for download as a PDF.  See the download button on this page.

We hope you enjoy it and that it will inspire you to subscribe to the magazine here.

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