Curses. My Personal Terroir.


At Bruichladdich we have something of a passion for place; a sense of belonging.

Our whisky speaks of the land, this Hebridean island home, jutting into the jaws of the weather-beaten North Atlantic; and of the people, our people, that give it life.

It has always been our mission to reconnect whisky with its essential raw ingredients, something that has been lost in our mechanised age of mass production and efficiencies.

In 2004, for the first time in the island’s history we started making single malt whisky from barley grown here on Islay by local farmers, farmers we know by name and face. Our partners. A decade later, Islay grown barley is in our very DNA.

All our spirit is matured here by the shores of Lochindaal. All of the time. We bottle here at the distillery using Islay spring water from Octomore farm, two miles along the coast.

The French have a word for this influence of land, climate, environment. They call it “terroir”. We believe terroir matters.

It is a philosophy we share with many people, people who seek something more than bland, cellophane-wrapped, homogenised culture and commodity. People who seek story and connection, authenticity. People who celebrate nuance. People who want interesting.

And we are interested in people. We are interested in the way people embody and manifest their own sense of place and pedigree creatively in their work.

Meet Luca Venezia. AKA Curses. AKA Drop the Lime. Electronic producer, DJ and homegrown New Yorker, Luca is one such individual for whom a sense of place resonates, in his life and in his work.

Luca was interested in making a film about the connection between his own personal terroir of New York City and the Islay terroir we call home. In April, we invited him to bring his photographer and film-maker friend Philippe Grenade to share a dram with us and roam the wild moorlands, barley fields and windswept beaches of Islay.

These are his experiences:

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