The Whisky still has gone. Long live the still.


The much loved and photographed copper pot whisky still that has stood irreverently outside Bruichladdich for the past decade or so has gone.  It will be missed, as will the pair of Duncan McGillivray’s old wellies.

It has gone for the best of all reasons – because it is to be brought back to life again.  Along with another surplus Whisky still that was being stored in Port Charlotte, the icon is en-route to the coppersmiths to be refurbished before being transferred to Waterford in Ireland where it will provide Mark Reynier with an interim solution for his new still house.

The success of the Scotch whisky industry in recent years has resulted in unprecedented demand for copper pot stills – there is a waiting list of several years for new ones.  Mark and his partners have purchased an old Guinness brewery in Waterford, which provides much of what he will need to distil whisky – but of course without a still house which will need to be built and equipped.

We are delighted to be able to help with an interim solution until the new stills are ready.

The whisky still has gone. Long live the still.These stills had arrived on Islay back in 2005.  They were part of the equipment Bruichladdich purchased when Inverleven Distillery in Dumbarton was being broken up.   The mass of pipes, tanks, pumps and valves was to prove invaluable to our then general manager Duncan McGillivray as he brought his engineering skills to bear in refurbishing the plant at Bruichladdich on a very tight budget.

Bruichladdich CEO Simon Coughlin says: “There will of course be a touch of sadness at  the departure of what became an iconic symbol of the renaissance of Bruichladdich, but it is going to a good home and we hope that it can help in getting Mark’s new Irish whiskey project into production sooner than would otherwise be the case.  We now have the enjoyable task of deciding what to do to replace it.”

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