The Pixies and Independence


Drinks writer and blogger David Driscoll of K&L Wines and Spirits in Redwood California takes a wry look at the meaning of independence in a post called The New Regime. This is a thoughtful piece which draws a parallel between attitudes to Bruichladdiich and those indy bands from our youth that ‘sold out’ to major record labels in the search for commercial success.  He also reviews, and understands, Islay Barley 2007, our current single farm, single field, single vintage release.

He draws inspiration from an article by Steve Hyden about the inevitable ageing of The Pixies. Anybody under the age of about forty five might not be aware that The Pixies were an influential American post-punk rock band that had a significant influence over the alternative music scene that flourished in the 1990’s.

Drawing an analogy with the music biz can be useful. Success (being defined as the ability to present your ideas to a wider audience), means much more than simply choosing money over credibility. I was among the select few who had bought albums by an obscure Athens Georgia underground band called R.E.M. back in the 1980’s.  I recall howling miserably with my trendy friends when this extraordinary group of hugely talented and committed musicians subsequently signed to the giant Warner Bros. Records. We thought it was all over for creative and independent thought, but need not have worried. R.E.M. did go on to become one of the biggest bands in the world, but much of their most radical, political and experimental output came AFTER they had “sold out” to a major, who had the good sense and judgement, and money, to let them get on with it.  We’ll drink to that…

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