Le mariage d’un chef et d’un nez


Bruichladdich whisky has been quoted as one of the inspirations for a new Hermes fragrance by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena.  Ellena was also inspired by the use of spices in the work of his friend, the great French chef Olivier Roellinger who has held the world’s greatest culinary accolade, Three Michelin Stars.

Working in Grasse, the global centre of the perfume trade, Ellena extracted the essence of Roellinger’s roasted cumin which is described as: “like warm, human skin, with nuances of sesame, toasted bread, hazelnut.”  Other spices used include cumin, cardamom, cinnamon and bergamot.

We are delighted to have been cited as an inspiration in the work of these two great arbiters of taste.

The fragrance, to be called “Epice Marine”, will be launched in September of this year.

Further details can be found at ‘The Scented Salamander‘.

An article in French describing the collaboration can be found in ‘Vanity Fair‘.  Photo: Benoit Teillet

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