The Herald newspaper on Summer Whiskies


Anthony Reynolds, a drinks writer in ‘The Herald’, one of Scotland’s most respected broadsheet newspapers, has penned a short “guide to summer whiskies” with an interesting perspective on the character of various drams including The Classic Laddie.

Anthony has a regular column in the Herald called “Reading Between the Wines” in which he looks at issues and trends within the drinks industry.  His archive encompasses a wide range of articles including what to imbibe at bunga-bunga parties, and how to deflect alleged misogynism among UK cabinet ministers.

He is an enthusiastic advocate for local Scottish fare, robustly supporting small independently minded drinks producers such as the “adorable” Black Isle Brewery which specialises in organic ales.

In another piece he suggests that the fiercely combative Scottish brewer BrewDog is threatening to dilute its identity because its “‘Equity for Punks‘ sounds less like sub-culture, and more like dad-rock…”.  It is all thought provoking stuff.

Reading Between The Wines

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