All of our spirit is matured for all of its life on Islay


Our very smart new road tanker has made its first and only trip on the ferry – and arrived at the distillery yesterday.  Its only purpose will be to transport new make spirit the couple of hundred yards from the Still House to the warehouses where the casks are filled before starting their long maturation by the shores of Loch Indaal.

We never take new make spirit off the island in road tankers.  We never have and we never will.  All our spirit is matured for all of its life on the island.  How could it be any other way?

Our old tanker is heading for a well-earned retirement.  It has had a long and illustrious, two phase career.  It started out in life hauling milk from farms, but was purchased and converted to transport spirit by the brilliantly innovative engineer Duncan McGillivray, back in the days when as a small independent distillery with very little (if any) spare cash, we had to be very canny indeed.

Even now this major new purchase has been carefully thought through.  The tanker element is brand new, but buying a new tractor unit to do the very low mileage involved would have been unnecessary.  So we have smartened up one that is a few years old.  Having an articulated unit also means that we can use the same tractor unit to hook up a flat-bed trailer and move casks.  One tractor – two roles…  Nice one…

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