Oceans Day


This World Oceans Day we catch up with champion solo sailor Phil Sharp, who the distillery has supported since 2015, to give us his thoughts on the ocean and its importance in our lives.

A mechanical engineer by training, Phil has dedicated his life to sailing and has witnessed the damage that climate change is doing to our seas. He has a passion for environmental causes, and is working towards a solution for renewable energy onboard ships with “Oceans Lab.” We posed five questions to get his views:

Bruichladdich [Bru]: What do you get from being at sea?

Phil Sharp [PS]: An incredible sense of freedom, stimulation and adventure which allows me to unwind and detach from much of the stress of everyday life.

Bru: Describe the ocean in 5 words?

PS: Powerful, Liberating, Fascinating, Unpredictable and Vital

Bru: What’s been your best moment at sea?

PS: Having a shoal of flying fish jumping out of the water in front of you, when surfing down Atlantic swell, is always a truly amazing moment!

Bru: Tell us something that worries you from what you’ve seen out there?

PS: The increase in tropical storms in the Atlantic as a result of rising sea temperature has been particularly concerning – last year the number went way off the record.

Bru: Tell us something to give us hope… 

PS: Many countries and businesses are now making Net Zero commitments to address pollution and global warming, and we are now seeing a big investment drive in renewables and breakthrough technologies such as green hydrogen.

Phil Sharp in action. Photo by Vincent-Olivaud

Read more about “Oceans Lab” green hydrogen project here https://www.thebotanist.com/news/sustainability/no-man-is-an-island/

And how both Phil and Bruichladdich are working towards zero emissions

If you care about the ocean, you can sign a petition here which aims to draw together international pressure for preserving more of it – 30% by 2030:

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