Introducing Flexi-Hex packaging


In 2020, we released a sustainability strategy that sets out four key pillars of progress as we tackle our carbon emissions. One of the areas under scrutiny is our packaging and waste. Launching our One Tin Lighter optional outer packaging initiative was the perfect time to get serious about the materials we ship around the world.

Carbon-positive Flexi-Hex® design plastic-free packaging solutions from their base in Cornwall. Their goal is: “to remove plastic from the packaging industry and raise awareness of the threats currently facing the world’s ocean.” With that in mind, they have come up with a clever expanding sleeve that uses a cellular structure based on hexagons. This cushions the contents which then sit inside a custom cardboard posting envelope.

The cardboard used in Flexi-Hex is 85% recycled. It can be reused for the same purpose up to 5 times, or recycled again. The sleeve can also be home composted – it biodegrades in 6 weeks. Now we can ship direct to you without the involvement of any plastic, and with a massive saving on virgin materials.

In Flexi-Hex, we’ve found a supplier who shares our mindset. They have audited every part of their production process, and even examined their individual carbon footprints at work and home with a view to joining us in the growing ranks of businesses who’ve achieved an environmental recognition such as B Corp certification.

With online retail sales reaching new highs due to the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown measures, the potential impact of all this additional packaging is huge. By partnering with Flexi-Hex, we’re taking on the mission of cutting carbon emissions without overthinking it. Check out the other strategies we’re working on in our sustainability section. >

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