Octomore: The Anti-Logic


Octomore 1.1 was the first ever edition of the world’s most heavily peated single malt series. It was distilled in 2002, just a year after our distillery gates were thrown open and muck was shovelled, walls painted, roofs repaired, stills polished and fresh enthusiasm from a long-neglected community poured into the heart and home of four unique spirits.

Those early years saw an array of distilling experiments, some that disregarded reason. Future liquid legends were stowed away in the warehouses and our retired Master Distiller, Jim McEwan, carved a new path of fun and flair in an otherwise stuffy world of single malt.

In 2008, there was only one Octomore edition released. Matured solely in ex-American oak casks, Octomore 1.1. allowed for an unadulterated experience of the super-heavily peated spirit. It would set the benchmark for the .1s of future releases, with every edition thereafter following the same ex-bourbon profile.

Series two followed shortly after. In what could have been considered curiosity or provocation or perhaps a hint of madness, the 2.1 was introduced alongside wine-cask matured Octomore 2.2. Nicknamed Orpheus, this super-heavily peated, ex-Pomerol matured whisky was the first of its kind. The combination is still incredibly rare today considering malt at 80+ PPM is not at all commonplace, though wine maturation is now prolific.

The reception of that first .2 edition solidified our faith that Octomore should be a series. The logical next step would have been to release a doublet within series three but in true Bruichladdich fashion, our distilling team would have other ideas. Our marketing team’s hope of explaining things simply were dashed in that moment, as 3.1 appeared solo.

For a while, the .2 editions would only occur in the even-numbered series. The fourth series saw the introduction of ex-Sauternes matured Comus in 4.2. Then a gap for series five because, well… actually no-one really knows why.

By the sixth series, we were in the swing of things. We added a .3! Grown on Octomore Farm itself, the .3 edition would feature Islay grown barley, kept separate from the rest of our local crop, to become a single vintage, single farm, single malt. With three editions now proudly housed under the sixth series, we kept the .1 and .3 editions for general release and moved the ‘sexy’ .2 European oak alternative into airport shops. Cue many years of frustrated whisky fans searching every airport for the elusive .2.

We’d first introduce a .4 Virgin Oak edition for the 7th series. A smattering of different Ten Year Olds would add depth to our sensorial explorations. This year, we’re celebrating our 11th series. That’s about all that’s been worth celebrating in 2020. With the total collapse of worldwide travel, we jumped at the opportunity to bring our .2 home again.

The Octomore 11.2 has been made exclusively available through our Laddie webshop. It’s the first .2 you can buy outside airports in six long years. Who knows what next year will bring? Hopefully more of an opportunity to taste Octomore as a series, side-by-side, in the same place.

For those interested in bagging an 11.2, you can bask in its full ex-bourbon, ex-Bordeaux wine in its full glory here >>

For those looking to delve further into the details of our Octomore anti-logic, a table of contents:

Edition Barley Origin Malt PPM Cask Type Age
Octomore 1.1 Mainland Scottish 131 Ex-Bourbon 5
Octomore 2.1 Mainland Scottish 140 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 2.2 Mainland Scottish 141 Ex-Bourbon + Ex-Pomerol casks 5
Octomore 3.1 Mainland Scottish 152 Ex-Bourbon 5
Octomore 4.1 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-Bourbon 5
Octomore 4.2 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-Bourbon + Ex-Sauternes casks 5
Octomore 5.1 Mainland Scottish 169 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 6.1 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 6.2 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-American Oak Ex-Cognac 5
Octomore 6.3 Islay: Octomore Farm 258 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 7.1 Mainland Scottish 208 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 7.2 Mainland Scottish 208 Ex-Bourbon + ex-Syrah casks 5
Octomore 7.3 Islay: Octomore Farm 169 Ex-American Oak + Ex Ribero del Duero wine casks 5
Octomore 7.4 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-American Oak + Virgin Oak 7
Octomore 8.1 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-American Oak 8
Octomore 8.2 Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-Sauternes, French Mourvedres, Austrian Sweet Wine + Italian Amarone Casks 8
Octomore 8.3 Islay: Octomore Farm 309.1 Ex-American Oak, Pauillac, Ventoux, Rhone + Burgundy Wine Casks 5
Octomore 8.4 Mainland Scottish 170 Virgin Oak + Ex- American Oak 8
Octomore 9.1 Mainland Scottish 156 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 9.2 Mainland Scottish 156 Ex-American Oak + Bordeaux Wine Casks 5
Octomore 9.3 Islay: Octomore Farm 133 Ex-American Oak, Rivesaltes, Syrah + Virgin Oak 5
Octomore 10 YO Mainland Scottish 167 Ex-Port, Cognac, American Oak + Virgin Oak 10
Octomore 10.1 Mainland Scottish 107 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 10.2 Mainland Scottish 96.9 Ex-American Oak + Ex-Sauternes 8
Octomore 10.3 Islay: Octomore Farm 114 Ex-American Oak 6
Octomore 10.4 Mainland Scottish 88 Virgin Oak 3
Octomore 11.1 Mainland Scottish 139 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 11.2 Mainland Scottish 139 Ex-American Oak + Ex-Pauillac + Ex-St Julien Region Wine Casks 5
Octomore 11.3 Islay: Octomore Farm 194 Ex-American Oak 5
Octomore 10 YO Mainland Scottish 208 Ex-American Oak + Virgin Oak 10

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