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The Bruichladdich Cuvees Series is a core expression of our fundamental philosophy as distillers. Whisky convention dictates that a distillery’s spirit should have an inflexible house style, and that quality is a factor of age. A 15-year-old is better than a 10-year-old… You don’t have to be Einstein to work out what comes next.

We reject this mean one-dimensional view.

We believe in slow artisanal distillation, in solely Islay maturation (where else could it be?), the use of the finest oak possible, and we are fascinated by the subtle nuances of flavour and the profound complexity produced by cask origin.

This is the mission of this Bruichladdich Cuvee series.

We start with our signature elegant American–oak-aged spirit, of a statement mature vintage. Each Cuvee is then further matured in wine or spirit casks of exceptional quality and diverse provenance. A singular odyssey in the dynamics of oak and cask maturation, and a journey of exploration for the intellectually curious who refuse to be bound by the chains of lazy convention.

Cuvee 382: La Berenice (Sauternes/Barsac Cask)

This American-oak-aged Bruichladdich has been further matured in casks that previously contained the lush sweet white wines of two of the greatest chateaux. Casks that have held wine from grapes grown to honeyed intensity from some of the most blessed plots of Bordeaux now meet classic Bruichladdich spirit that has slumbered in our dank, dark loch-side warehouses for two decades. Elegant vanilla from the white oak, the honeyed fruit of the wine, the toasted malt of the the barley, the floral elegance of the spirit produced by our long-necked Victorian stills and the fresh tang of salt laden Atlantic winds here produce a sensuous, decadent and flirtatious whisky, with more than a hint of forbidden fruit.

Cuvee 407: PX (Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask)

This Cuvee 407 has been further matured in rare Jerez butts that for decades held unctuous and ultra-rich sherry, made from the Moorish Pedro Ximenez grape. Once harvested, the grapes are shriveled to a raisin-like state under the baking sun of Andalucia to concentrate the sugars, resulting in a sweet wine of legendary viscosity and intensity.

For centuries, PX casks have been revered by whisky distillers for the Madeira cake richness they bring to maturing spirit; and our casks, extracted from the Fernando de Castilla Solera, are of the very highest provenance. This Bruichladdich Cuvee 407 is an indulgent, licentious whisky, a whisky for when the air is redolent of old leather, Cuban tobacco and cedarwood. A whisky to lose oneself in – an indulgent dream of a dram.

Cuvee 640: Eroica (Cognac Cask)

Cuvee 640 has been further matured in Limousin oak casks from Aquitaine that for many years contained one of the great eaux de vie. These casks tannins have added new layers of rich complexity to our own elegant, floral Bruichladdich. This is a spirit to give pause, to reflect on. A spirit as much for the mind as for the palate.

This profound, challenging whisky jealously guards its secrets from the uninitiated, but to those with patience and curiosity it reveals layer upon layer of subtle nuance, from Turkish Delight and wild strawberry, to darker notes of dark chocolate orange and espresso. To be enjoyed at the end of a great meal or a great day, alone or with a small cadre of like-minded Argonauts.

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