Running Octomore Spirit


We have now started to run Octomore spirit in the stillhouse.  We will now run the world’s most heavily peated spirit until we close for the Christmas holiday.

The first mash of the super-heavily peated grist has been steeped in the mash tun and the worts fermented in the washbacks.  We expect a slightly lower yield of alcohol per tonne of barley when we are working with the peated spirits.

Running Octomore SpiritThe stillmen take the middle cut of super-heavily Octomore at a rather different point to when they are working with unpeated Bruichladdich or the heavily peated Port Charlotte.  So intense is the peated nature of the spirit that the solid brass wash spirit safe takes on a purple patina.  It polishes off easily enough, but returns within just a few minutes when we are running Octomore.

Our photographs show the ‘tails’ of Octomore running, plus the distillery assistant manager Adam Hannett in our tasting room with a sample of the new make spirit, coming in at 69.7%abv.

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