The Laddie Banjo


A couple of years ago Stephen Duncan, a project engineer with the oil industry, walked into the Laddie shop with a strange request. He wanted one of our 125th Anniversary Bottling presentation boxes. To make a Banjo.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Raymond, Senior Laddie Tour Guide of legend and infamy, stroked his chin, said he would see what he could do and a few moments later appeared clutching the requested 125th Anniversary box along with a Bruichladdich 40 year old presentation box.

“I can’t give you one box, but I can give you two.”

A puzzled Stephen.

“You’ll need to make me a Banjo as well you see. That’s the deal.”

This week Stephen and his wife walked back into the Laddie shop with two beautifully hand-crafted guitars, one for Raymond and the other for the Laddie Shop. They set up camp and cranked it to 11.

So, if you’re passing and know a ditty or two, please do drop by for a little strum on the Laddie Banjo… Thank you Stephen!

The Laddie Banjo

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