Curses! DJ Luca Venezia at The Laddie


We were visited by DJ Luca Venezia and friends this week who were making a mini-documentary about his interest in the concept of terroir, and how his take on it resonates with our own very different cultural and physical environment. Luca is a musician and DJ from New York who founded the dance oriented record label Trouble & Bass that operates out of Brooklyn. He works as a DJ under the stage name of “Curses!”, and also leads a band called “Drop the Lime“.

Curses! DJ Luca Venezia at The LaddieDJ Luca Venezia is influenced by music from a very wide range of genres, from the bass heavy rhythms of mainstream dance to rockabilly. He has worked with a wide range of artists over the years including Little Boots and Moby. His life as a DJ takes him all over the world.

Working in this instance with the photographer and film-maker Philippe Grenade, Luca and friends witnessed the distillery coming back to life after our long break, and visited a wide range of locations on the island including the ruined church at Kilchoman, the ancient medieval chapel at Kilchiaran and the distillery water source at An Torran. James Brown at Octomore Farm laid on a number of memorable moments with spirit and Highland cattle and they also enjoyed the Scottish traditional music provided by Siar and friends at the Port Charlotte Hotel. A session of peat cutting with Duncan McGillivray is unlikely to be forgotten by anyone involved…

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