Keep Coull and Carry On


A review of the year that was 2020, from Andrew Jones of Coull farm on the West Coast.

Andrew, his father Donald and his fiancée Sophie, brought in the 2020 harvest in fine weather this September “The best harvest weather we’ve had since growing for Bruichladdich”. Donald was growing barley on the farm for over 30 years, before Bruichladdich barley was even a thought: “He’s the man that knows the farm, he knows if a field has barley in it it will need X ,Y and Z. He’s keeping an eye from the moment the combines are going to the end’. Andrew says 2018 harvest was a record year. While 2019 tonnage was down a little, 2020 was up again. The last load into the shed was ceremoniously brought in by Donald in his ATV.

Well done to all our barley growers across the country in this unexpected year. Farming never rests. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We will release the full interview audio next week… watch this space.

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