Artist, Fireman, Programmer – Andy Fisher


The multi-talented Andy Fisher is a self-taught programmer who is now our go-to man for ‘Operational Systems Support’.  Once upon a time he managed the stocks of private casks and spent five years in the bottling hall, but he can now be found up the wooden stairs in the production offices handling the complex software that keeps our whisky smoothly flowing from bulk stocks to Laddiefans around the world.

A volunteer firefighter for twenty years he recalls a training exercise with his local Brigade: “ to see if we could lift water from the sea up to the warehouses.  It took several portable pumps and many lengths of hose slithering across a difficult beach – but we did manage it.”  Which is reassuring to hear when you are surrounded by 60,000 casks of highly flammable whisky…

When he is not creating reports about our bulk stocks, or fighting fires, Andy enjoys employing his considerable skills as a graphic artist.

From our B roundels to the landmark barrels that spell out Bruichladdich on the right of the road as you approach the distillery, Andy’s artwork is everywhere. It was Andy who transformed the Harvey Hall chimney into an aqua bottle in 2011 to commemorate the release of the Laddie 10.    Back in 2003, he painted the sign at the distillery gates – and was then asked to create a mural for our new bottling hall.

During the first summer of Bruichladdich’s resurrection, a pod of dolphins had taken up residence in Loch Indaal in what seemed like an act of solidarity; Andy’s dramatic artistry on the bottling hall wall has helped to immortalise what has become a company legend.

Never a man to sit about, in his spare time Andy has created his own computer game – called ‘Bung Up’…  Just to remind himself of another fun filled five years he spent in his ealier years at Bruichladdich – working in the warehouse team.

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