Clusterf%!k – why are there so many Bruichladdich whiskies?


Some people will always find the wide array of Bruichladdich bottlings confusing.

What is great choice to some, is a “clusterf%!k” to others, as one commentator suggested, a bewildering proliferation of one-off bottlings.

This is fair criticism.

The main method in this apparent madness being the bulk stocks purchased with the Bruichladdich distillery in December 2000. These were erratically spread over four decades. And there was nothing after the distillery was shut down.

To enable us to distil as we desired, we had to optimise our stocks in a highly strategic way. In part this was our own enthusiasm, the discovery of gems, a keenness to experiment. In part it was to optimise value, our limited distribution options, and a desire to maximise quality. This meant small bottlings – and lots of them.

We needed to survive a decade until our own whisky stocks were ready.

Over the last two years, we have been in a position to begin to implement our long term strategy, to define what Bruichladdich is for the future. Now we can clarify things.

We will always have a wider portfolio than any other distiller. Each Bruichladdich whisky has a distinct pedigree. An authentic identity. An individuality. In short, a specific raison d’être.

Our product portfolio is split in two sections: Classic and Peated.

Each of our four classic Bruichladdich whiskies belong to its own self-explanatory style category – Classic, Uber-Provenance, Concept and Rare.

And two in Peated (Port Charlotte & Octomore).

We have 12 current bottlings. In addition, for our customers’ convenience, we have included details of some older landmark bottlings that finished some time ago, as odd bottles may still be unearthed in the market place.

Now we are ten. Our stocks are reaching maturity and increasingly larger volumes are becoming available. This allows us to produce fewer, but larger, long term bottlings. But always the odd special too… old habits and all that.

This growing up process will define Bruichladdich for the next hundred years. The final step occurs when we arrive at the Definitive Bruichladdich Line Up this Autumn.

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