Port Charlottle PAC:01 2011

PAC: 01

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In its final years, it would meet a parcel of exceptional French oak, taken from the legendary gironde left bank, north of Bordeaux.

PAC: 01
Tasting Notes

“Muscular & round in texture, dry, earthy smoke and marine breeze.”

The provenance of french wine and scotch whisky is protected by law. Our predecessors have fought for centuries to maintain the reputation of our respective national drinks. For French vintners, geographical indicators, such as AOC signify quality ingredients and the origins of their making.

Under Scotch regulations, the Island of Islay is a protected locality. Whisky must be distilled here on Islay to bear its name, but is this enough? With no mention of ingredients or maturation and bottling location, it could be tempting to dilute the Islay name by outsourcing.

Our Port Charlotte islay single malts are conceived, distilled, matured and bottled only on Islay. It is our duty to respect the wealth of work that made our island famous and spread the benefits deep into our local community. This heavily peated whisky is uncompromising. Its foundation was built over a robust maturation in ex-American oak casks.

It would meet a parcel of exceptional French oak in its final years, taken from the legendary Gironde left bank, north of Bordeaux. Its resultant character is vibrant and full-bodied, with an understated balance of barbeque smoke. An abundance of berry notes leaves a lasting impression on this rich and elegant, undeniably Islay, single malt.

“After just one year in the french oak, the results were dramatic; a beautiful ruby colour, and an abundance of dried fruit & spice”

– Adam Hannett


Port Charlotte heavily peated Islay single malt Scotch whisky.

40 parts per million.

2011 / 8 aged years.

56.1% ALC./VOL

100% Scottish Concerto Barley.

— Minimum 6 yrs ex-American whiskey cask maturation.
— Remaining maturation in ex-pauillac red wine casks.

Bottled onsite with Islay spring water, non chill filtered & colouring free.


Muscular and round in texture, dry, earthy smoke and marine breeze.

Two parcels of heavily peated port charlotte spirit, distilled in November 2011, have been combined to create Port Charlotte PAC:01.

PARCEL ONE — 6 yrs in 1st fill ex- American whiskey casks, then 2 yrs in 1st fill casks which previously held red wine from the Pauillac region of France.

PARCEL two — 7 yrs maturation in 1st fill ex-American whiskey casks, then the remainder of its life in 2nd fill casks that previously held red wine from France’s Pauillac region.

Bruichladdich Distillery
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