Port Charlotte MP8 Tasting kit

MP8 tasting kit


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Our Micro-Provenance tasting kits comprise three single cask bottlings of 200ml. They are exclusively available through our online shop. This kit features Port Charlotte spirit distilled from Islay grown barley, peated to 40ppm. There are controlled similarities and differences in the barley varieties, the respective harvests, and the casks used for the whiskies’ maturation.  Each “MP” release is designed to coincide with a live tasting of the three whiskies broadcast direct from Islay. The “MP8” tasting with Adam Hannett will be on 13th September 2019 at 7 pm BST.

Port Charlotte: Micro-provenance

Join us for the evening to get deeper into the subtle minutiae of taste variations, alongside the bigger questions about what it takes to realise an “Islay” whisky.

Our Micro Provenance tastings are part of our ongoing examination of flavour variations borne out of barley and cask. They are celebrations of the devil in the detail, demonstrations of the diversity possible when our levels of control and dedication are given to each and every cask, to each traceable batch of the principle raw ingredient. They are always released as single cask bottlings from our online shop.

We actively welcome discussion about the whiskies and their provenance with a wider online community through an accompanying interactive tasting live from the distillery.

  • Port Charlotte

    Cask №

  • # 3582
  • Oxbridge Barley
    Distlilled: 01.12.08
    2nd fill Riversaltes
    62.6% – 200ml

  • Port Charlotte

    Cask №

  • # 3403
  • Optic Barley
    distilled: 25.11.08
    1st fill Bourbon
    61.4% – 200ml

  • Port Charlotte

    Cask №

  • # 1860
  • Oxbridge/Publican Barley
    Distilled: 01.06.2011
    1st fill Bourbon
    61.4% – 200ml

Please note* that these samples are intended for consumption, and not for re-sale. Some of the labels may have bubbled in transit and will not be of ‘collection or auction quality’. We hope that in the spirit of our live tastings, you’ll join us by opening your kit and tasting the contents, as was our objective when we created the MP series.

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