LaddieMP3 Goes Down Well


On November 26th, the Bruichladdich distillery shop on Islay became the backdrop for our latest live online broadcast – LaddieMP3 – a whisky tasting with which people could interact in real-time around the world.

Adam Hannett, local guests and visitors, and members of our communications and Laddieshop teams gathered at the Distillery to spark-off discussion about three of our Micro Provenance whiskies.

Adam had selected three special single casks from the warehouses for the blind tasting, then revealed the details of the whisky’s age and maturation live online. It being nearly Christmas, the three drams he’d selected were on the rich and rare end of the spectrum – a Sauternes finished Bourbon, a full-term Port, and a full-term sherry.

There were lots of interesting posts about the taste sensations and the experience of the event from the wider community dispersed around the globe. From gunpowder to licorice root to christmas cake to red fruits to toffee to walnut oil to espresso to tobacco to apricot to orange to ‘like the inside of a new pair of leather shoes’, we really enjoyed all your comments.

According to Twitter, we reached 340,954 Laddiefans and whisky enthusiasts from around the world (we believe everything they tell us).

We were also chatting to people on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Google + (is there anybody out there?)

A recording of the original Islay-side stream is now available on YouTube/LaddieTV here.

Periscope enabled us to also broadcast a roaming camera angle over the 3G network. That’s right, 3G.

Now we’ve tested the limits of Islay’s broadband to the max, and have just about worked out the mailing routes to ensure tasting sets arrive at their destinations ahead of the scheduled broadcast, we look forward to bringing you these Micro Provenance bottlings quarterly.

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Bruichladdich Distillery
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