Mark Reynier leaves Bruichladdich and hands the baton on


Mark Reynier, the former CEO of Bruichladdich Distillery, has left the company he founded in December 2000.

Bruichladdich Distillery was acquired from Whyte & Mackay for £6m, including 1m litres of mature stocks. Over the following decade a vibrant, innovative and industry-leading brand was created with sales growing from zero to 50,000 cases over that time.

The company was sold to Remy Cointreau in July 2012 for £58m.

Mark Reynier said:

“It was the quality of the spirit that first attracted me to Bruichladdich. My aim was to get it the attention it truly deserved.”

“It has been quite a ride since we set out to resurrect this abandoned distillery, a journey which raised many industry eyebrows at the time.”

“Along the way I have met some wonderful people – customers, colleagues, Ileachs – whose support for this project has been equally passionate.”

“It was a privilege to put Bruichladdich firmly on the map, and I am convinced the future prospects for this exceptional whisky are secure with Remy.”

“My long-standing friend Simon Coughlin will continue to run the company as Chief Executive Officer, while for me, it is time to find a new challenge, hopefully one as exciting and rewarding as this has been.”

From Simon Coughlin:

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my great friend Mark Reynier for having had the startling vision to buy Bruichladdich Distillery back in 2000.  This was a very radical idea indeed back then, and was not done on a whim, indeed it was many years before, almost twenty years ago, when he first uttered the immortal words, “you know what Simon, we’re going to buy a distillery”.

Mark Reynier leaves Bruichladdich and hands the baton onBack then, after picking myself up from the floor, I had rather hoped it would be one of his less enduring ideas, but Mark was determined to succeed and he has every reason to be very proud of the impact its realisation has had on the lives of so many people, both in the village of Bruichladdich and in the wider community on Islay and beyond.

Bruichladdich has achieved many things under Mark’s inspirational stewardship.  Above all, he has proved beyond doubt that there is a ‘different’ way to run a single malt whisky distilling business. Mark may say that all he has done is go back in time, allowing traditional practices to prosper while stopping the rot of standardisation, but to deliver this against a hugely powerful tide flowing in the opposite direction is an extraordinary achievement.

Mark could not have done it alone of course,  and he attracted a strong band of shareholders, employees, management and customers who have grown to appreciate the integrity of his mission.  I for one have been very proud to work alongside him, through some very difficult moments as well as the uplifting ones. This has not been a ride for the faint hearted by any stretch of the imagination and we have all learnt so much.

Now that Mark’s work at Bruichladdich is done I am personally determined to protect his remarkable legacy.   I believe the whole Bruichladdich team will wish his vision to grow and prosper and continue to challenge convention and push at the boundaries of our industry.  Thank you Mark.  We wish you, Maureen and Ruairi well.

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