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25th JANUARY 2021 / by Christy McFarlane

At our Victorian distillery, we’re familiar with repurposing and retrofitting; ever curious, ever questioning. Focussed on leaving behind a better legacy, we are addressing our packaging in the same spirit.

When we place so much importance on provenance, community, sustainability and transparency, it seems strange to consider packaging as a way of adding value. In our mission to use less and use better, we questioned whether our whisky needed a tin at all.

Now is the time for positive action. As the new default, we’re removing our tins on our web-shop and in our distillery shop. Today, we ask you to support this decision by leaving the tin out of your basket. Long-term, that’s one less tin produced and transported, one less tin shipped back off Islay, and one big vote of confidence for a more progressive future.

Our aim is to one day remove all of our tins globally. It’s a massive task but one that’s achievable if we start one tin at a time. Start with us today and choose to go one tin lighter.

04,986 Tins Lighter

With your support we can make the world of whisky one tin lighter.





    We’ll celebrate milestones as you help us achieve them. When we reach 5,000 & 10,000 tins lighter, we’ll take a moment to congratulate you on what you’ve helped us achieve.


    If you choose to go one tin lighter, you’ll help us decrease the demand for tins produced in the long term. Eventually, this means less steel used and we’ll save carbon emissions by cutting the weight of its shipment. We’ll also remove the need for the plastic insert that’s included in our Bruichladdich range. For more info on the recyclability of our packaging, scroll down.





    We’re phasing out our plastic packaging when we ship our products on our online shop. We’ve replaced it with Flexi-Hex packaging, or an all-cardboard box depending on your tin option. For more on the merits of Flexi-Hex, read here >


    As we trial this project on our online shop and in our Laddie Shop on Islay, electing to go one tin lighter will help us roll out the removal of our tins globally. The price of your bottle will be the same for both options. Electing to remove the tin will fuel our ability to invest further and faster into our long-term sustainability initiatives. These include the search for renewable energy sources, the installation of on-site maltings and funding agriculture and biodiversity projects.





    This year, we’ve tasked ourselves with reducing waste through the design process of our new limited editions. Your support and feedback on our One Tin Lighter initiative will help build our understanding of what packaging is necessary. Our long term goal is to be as sustainable as possible, so expect to see some of our limited edition bottlings released without a tin.


    Each time you choose to go without a tin, you’ll help to challenge the perception that single malt whisky needs to come with outer packaging. We’d like to roll this project out globally. We’re starting with our tins on our online shop and at the distillery, trialling this project on a smaller scale first.





    Every product within the Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore range will have a tin as an option. One day, we may remove that option, but for now, we’d like to give you the opportunity to choose.

Our mission is to use less and use better across all of our packaging materials.

We’re currently doing a full review of all the materials mentioned below and seeking alternatives wherever necessary.

+ CASES – All of our outer cases are manufactured from either 100% recycled card/paper stock or a large proportion of recycled stock which is mixed with a proportion of FSC certified wood pulp as necessary to get the right grade.  All outer cases are fully recyclable.

+ TINS – All tins are manufactured from steel which is 100% recyclable.  The card liners for Port Charlotte and Octomore are manufactured from recycled/FSC stock mix as cases above and are 100% recyclable. The plastic donuts used to stabilise our Bruichladdich bottles in their tin are not recyclable at present but we are working hard to reduce their use.

+ BOTTLES – Bottles are all clear flint glass and fully recyclable.  The coatings and screen print on the bottles are organic enamel and do not affect the recyclability of the bottles.

+ LABELS – Our paper labels are technically recyclable but often do not get recycled as they are rarely removed from the bottles before recycling. They are occasionally FSC pure stock and occasionally a recycled/FSC mix. Our clear acetate labels (now being phased out) are not marked as recyclable, but we’re working on this.

+ CAPSULES & CLOSURES – All of our single malts’ capsules are recyclable but our Botanist caps are not. Our Botanist, Bruichladdich and Octomore stoppers are recyclable but our Port Charlotte ones are not.

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