Octomore 10.4 – Poignancy and Practicality


There is something quite poignant and yet quite practical about the way our warehousing works. Not only are all our casks housed on site, our head distiller or ‘blender’ is too. It seems a preposterous thing to write but it’s not as common as you might think – to be in a two mile radius of all your maturing stock.

The practical part comes in the way we have ultimate control over our casks; from sourcing, filling, maturing and vatting before going on to bottling. Our head distiller’s knowledge of what we have in our warehouses is unparalleled, because he and his team have a direct responsibility of guardianship throughout each cask’s time here. Adam’s view on how our spirits are progressing is vitally important. Ultimately, it is his decision when and what we release to the world. Therein lies the poignant part.

Our distillery has maintained its commitment to being manual and human. We are not dictated by formulas or recipes. We do not create according to a spreadsheet. It is against our very philosophy.

Our head distiller relies on his instinct and occasionally, wisdom that has been passed down from generations before. He creates according to nuance and opportunity. He takes risks. Not because it looks good ‘to innovate’, but because it genuinely excites all of us at the distillery to see boundaries being pushed, then feel the full weight of the result. It is an attitude, of which we are unashamed, that propels us forward.

liquid macro

Matured full-term in Limousin virgin oak

This poignancy, of taking risks and allowing an actual human to dictate our releases, has taken us down a new path. For the first time in our history, we’re releasing our super-heavily peated whisky at three years of age. It is Octomore malted to 88PPM, matured full-term in Limousin virgin oak, bottled at cask-strength to be precise.

This Octomore 10.4 has not been bottled at three years old because suddenly we are legally allowed to*. Nor are we bottling it because we are a new distillery excited to give our audience a taste of our ‘work-in-progress’. This whisky is the finished article, it has been chosen by our Adam simply because he believes the liquid is ready. More details, taste notes, and reviews here ~ Octomore 10.4 

“I can remember filling the casks purely to see what would happen. How would we manage the spirit in these amazingly powerful casks? Tasting the spirit at about two and a half years old in our Port Charlotte dunnage warehouses, I just kept thinking ‘we need to bottle this’! It was a purely instinctive reaction.” says Adam.

In a day and age where whisky marketing is becoming more and more prevalent, this actually isn’t about ‘being bold’ or ‘telling a good story’, it’s just damn good liquid. But that’s our biased opinion. This spirit will certainly polarise opinion, just make sure to taste it.

10.1, 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4

Octomore 10.4 is limited to 12,000 bottles and is available to purchase online through our webshop. It is also making its way to a retailer near you.

We have collated reviews from a number of journalists who have written about this liquid, and the rest of the editions in our Octomore 10s series. We have not compensated them for their time but did provide free samples. See the reviews down the bottom here

*For more information on why Scotch whisky must legally be three years old,  see Scotchwhisky.com’s article on the matter – https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/ask-the-professor/8033/whisky-and-maturity-why-three-years/

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