New CEO roles for Simon Coughlin and Douglas Taylor


Simon Coughlin, who is currently our CEO at Bruichladdich, is taking over the management of a newly created “Whisky Business Unit” within our parent group, Remy Cointreau. This follows the group’s recent acquisition of the ‘Domaine des Hautes Glaces’ in France and ‘Westland Distillery’ in the USA.

Domaine de Hautes Glaces is a fascinating small farm distillery located high in the mountainous French Alps. They grow all their own cereals for distillation, and place respect for the land, people and time at the centre of their philosophy.  Westland Distillery is a little larger, located in Seattle, Washington, USA, and like us, are obsessive about the exploration of terroir, concentrating on local barley, local peat and local oak.

We are genuinely delighted that Remy have purchased these extremely interesting ‘world whisky’ companies and are going to be drawing on Simon’s experience at Bruichladdich as they move forward.  They are sure to deploy his avant-garde vision of the world of premium drinks to unlock their full potential. Their ambitions are  very much in line with Remy Cointreau group strategy of becoming world leaders in exceptional spirits.

While Simon willl remain Islay-based and in overall control of all three companies, this  does of course mean that his remit has widened considerably.  We are therefore also delighted to announce that Simon’s colleague and friend Douglas Taylor has been appointed Chief Executive Officer at Bruichladdich.  Douglas, who is currently Global Brand Director, joined Bruichladdich in 2011 and has worked closely with Simon since that time.

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