Dave’s Magical Mystery Minecraft Tour


Every so often we find a hidden skill within the Laddie team that makes us all smile. This time it was the turn of David Hope junior, who has recreated the entire distillery in the popular online game Minecraft. Only 26, Dave has been on the scene at Bruichladdich for nine years already after it all began quite quickly for him.

He moved to Islay when he was eleven and attended Islay High School. “My Dad met Mairi and moved to Islay.” David’s Dad, the late David Hope senior, ‘Hoppy’, was stillman and tanker driver at Bruichladdich. “I left school and didn’t go to uni or anything. I didn’t do my personal statement application until the last minute, not that I told my Dad that!” 

Dave got an unconditional offer to study civil engineering in Aberdeen but decided not to go. Then Islay turned out to be just the right place to be.  “I was away in Stirling for my 18th birthday when my Dad called me and said, ‘You’d better come home you’ve got a shift in the bottling hall on Monday.’ That was it, no CVs, no interviews, just straight in.” He spent three and half years as an operator in the bottling hall and will have been in the Laddieshop for five years now, a Senior Tour Guide and Distillery Ambassador.

David Hope junior taking a real world tour

Looking back, Dave says he is glad he didn’t take up the offer to go away and study, “Now I’m living the dream, doing it online for fun and for the distillery instead!”

Something of a computer wizard, his virtual engineering skills were recently called upon during our digital festival. While the shop can’t run tours it was chance for him to spend time using his creative talents to bring the distillery to life via Minecraft. It’s accessible through the desktop version only; if you have Minecraft on a Mac or PC, drop him an email at david.hope@bruichladdich.com and he’ll invite you in.

For anyone who doesn’t have Minecraft, he has also made a regular video of a guided tour of his block built distillery, alongside fellow Laddie crew member Raymond Tibbs and pal Alan MacTaggart, both from Islay. You can take the tour here: The Bruichladdich Distillery in Minecraft.  It is quite the feat to have achieved such detail in just a few weeks. The video has already been a huge hit with Laddie fans, with almost 1200 views online in its first week, and becoming our second most shared post on Instagram of the last 12 months.

In further developments, Dave’s added an additional virtual tour experience. You can now take a Barley to Bottle Express Train ride around the distillery. Hold onto your hats. And your drams!



Even more: If you would like to take another free tour of the distillery you can follow our Academy team round the actual buildings in their rapid Lockdown tour here  >>>  Laddie Lock-In Virtual Tour

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Bruichladdich Distillery
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