Carl Reavey, 1956 – 2018


It is with deep sadness that we must tell you of the sudden death of our great friend and colleague Carl Reavey.

Carl will be known to many of you personally but for those of you who didn’t know him, Carl was the main voice and author of all things Bruichladdich on our social media, web and PR channels. Just as importantly, he was a huge inspiration to many that passed through the gates of the distillery every year.

Carl was one of the best, one of the good guys who always had time for others. Never selfish or too busy, always making his time available both in and out of work hours. Carl was totally committed to everything he did, with passion and conviction, he leaves an impossible hole to fill.

The Bruichladdich story was part of Carl’s life for more than twenty years, even before it reopened in 2001. Along with his wife Jan they rebuilt the Port Charlotte hotel just down the road from the distillery, before moving to become the editor of the local newspaper and then joining Bruichladdich full time as head of communications in 2012. Throughout this time Carl was heavily involved with the development of Bruichladdich, both directly and indirectly. His influences are far reaching.

Carl didn’t have an ‘off’ button, he was fully vested in everything he did, from the many local charities and associations, to his constant cycling around Islay and beyond. I can’t begin to count the number of discussions we had together, at work, over a dram once the phones stopped ringing, in the pub or around a dinner table. Total commitment I have never seen the like of before.

A bon viveur, happy to try any food offered to him, often foraged from the isle he and Jan have called home for over 25 years. Enthusiasm is a word that will forever be associated with Carl, you simply couldn’t keep him down, always enthusiastic, always smiling and always polite. Never a bad word to say about anyone.

We all feel a profound sense of loss today at Bruichladdich.

We will miss him terribly but we are all the richer for being touched by his spirit.

Our hearts and thoughts are with Jan and Alistair, we hold you close.

Simon Coughlin

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