Becky Codd’s Valinch


Becky Codd is originally from Coventry, but having moved to Islay as a youngster, found that she couldn’t go back.

“I didn’t like it anymore. I wanted to be up here, it was so weird. Because when I first moved here, I hated it. And then when we left I just didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was weird.”

Finishing High School on Islay before she was 16, and joining the Bruichladdich team 18 months after that, her rise through the company since has been very natural, if a little breathless.

She explains, “I started off in the shop working alongside Julie Chalmers in an administrative role, learning all the background work, spreadsheets and stock control etc, because I was too young to actually sell alcohol. Once I turned 18 I started to do the tours where I learnt a lot about the distillation of the whisk y and met lots of nice people. Once Julie got her promotion, I got her job. Started that in July and then I had this job the following April”

She is now officially Production Director, Allan Logan’s PA.  “But I do help a lot of people up here. Allan’s who I work for, but you know this place…” In fact she refers to Allan and Adam Hannett, head distiller, as “B1 and B2. Yeah, Boss 1, Boss 2. That’s their nicknames.”

Of her current role on the production side of the business, she says, “It’s good, it’s so different. Coming over to this side, you do see it from a whole different perspective. In the shop, you just sell the whisky, but on this side you know how they make it. This side you’re watching them and knowing how they do it, putting it all into the system. I log the movement of all the spirit onto the database for Joanne in the warehouses. And I do all the ordering of the malt and the barleys, and the spirit and botanicals for the gin.”

So watching, learning, coordinating distillery events like the Islay beach clean or Christmas party, and brightly supporting those around her should keep Becky still for now.

“I enjoy working for this company, I can’t see myself moving anywhere. This is a good position to be in at my age,” she adds, “I’m only 21.”

Becky Codd’s valinch cask, number 25, sherry hogshead, aged 10 years, 59.6% vol. is on sale in the Laddieshop while stocks last. 

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