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Octomore Edition OBA / Concept_0.1 / PPM: Undisclosed

Our story begins at Feis Ile 2016, Adam Hannett’s first Masterclass as head distiller. There was a deal of expectation and Adam had indeed something special to share. It was Octomore; but not as we know it. The Octomore proposition had always been straightforward – mind and palate bending levels of peat, with the finesse and elegance of traditional Bruichladdich, bottled mostly at five years old. Sonnets in peat and barley. Now we present Adam’s Octomore “OBA Concept”, a limited distillery release of only 3,000 x 500ml bottles. Rare indeed.

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OBA Concept

Tasting Notes

Character – Medium weight and well defined for a young Islander. The texture is rich, sweet and mellow and the viscosity of the Sauternes brings balance to the power of the peat. A most sophisticated Octomore – it’s kind of unbelievable to see “The Beast” tamed a little!

Colour – Golden Honey/Ripe Barley.

Nose – The opening is a beautiful combination of peat smoke, bracken, leather, tobacco pouches, bog myrtle & briny waves. Then, little twists of mint toffee enter the system as do the nutty oak notes – both French and American. And so the dance goes on, but where is the French beauty? She waits patiently on the fringes then, at exactly the right moment, she makes her entrance from the epicentre of the spirit, bringing aromatics and flavour the young Ileach can only dream of. From deep in her soul she commits to this amazing relationship, the aromatics relay the message to the waiting taste buds to expect a whole new experience: the raisiny botrytis of the Premier Cru Superieur Sauternes. Its flavours – pear syrup, apricot, candied fruit, guava, passion and citrus fruits leached from the wood. You have to wonder just how surreal this is – a massively peated beast being seduced by a delectably sweet, French beauty – passion changes everything.

Palate – It’s supernatural. The taster is taken on an incredible journey of discovery, the coming together of flavours so far removed from each other you would think it would be a disaster. The kaleidoscope of aromatics transcends beautifully onto the palate which is going crazy with excitement: a new sensory solar system.

Finish – This love affair should never have happened. This is Bruichladdich walking on the wild side, bringing pleasure and excitement to those who have that sense of adventure and passion. The finish may not last for an eternity – but the experience will.

Mood – Mind F**k.


Bruichladdich Distillery
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