Bruichladdich The Laddie Ten 10 Islay aged years / Second Limited Edition

Like the illustrious winemakers who inspire us, we celebrate the variety and excitement that accompanies a great vintage or edition. We believe character in single malts is to be celebrated, not replicated, which means that everything we do is necessarily limited. Finite. It can never be repeated.


The laddie Ten

Tasting Notes

Colour – Pale amber.

Nose – Light honey and citrus burst through with hints of tobacco and creamy fudge. It has vitality and backbone. 10 years of maturation in excellent American and European oak has developed this fantastic spirit into a real thoroughbred. Clean notes of sweet oak, praline, vanilla and milk chocolate rise up together and then subside to allow the marine citrus notes to come to the fore, the influence of coastal maturation is clear to see. Like waves breaking on the shore they too recede to reveal the delicate floral notes of elderflower and gorse.

Palate – Allow the spirit to sit on your tongue for a few seconds to warm and release its complex array of flavour. The creamy richness of its texture is a testament to both the highest quality Scottish malted barley and the work of the distillery. The harmony with which the oak and malted barley reveal their sweet notes tell you this whisky is balanced and ready. The fruit is ripe peach, honeydew melon, raisin and sultanas, then come hints of ginger, lemon and honey in a rich assertive combination.

Finish – The finish is long and floral. Alongside the honeysuckle and rose notes, lemon zest fades to allow deli- cate, exotic fruits like pineapple and melon to the fore. They too pass and leave just a hint of smoke from the charred american barrels.

Mood – There is nowhere quite like islay, it is a special place in the world and this whisky, influenced so much by a sense of place and the people who made it, proudly bears the islay name on its bottle and the islay soul in its spirit.

3 tens

Complex and challenging, there is no parallel to the innovative range of whiskies we create here at Bruichladdich.

Embracing the widest spectrum of peating levels we famously celebrate variety by exploring the provenance of barley and cask influence – but we also mark the passage of time. Age statements can be important.

Our previous releases of Laddie Ten, Port Charlotte 10 and the Octomore 10 were iconic and unforgettable, but quantities were limited. they helped us mark a very special moment, the passing of the first decade in the renaissance of this Victorian Islay distillery.


Just last year the Head Distiller’s baton passed from Jim McEwan to Adam Hannett.

Adam had worked with Jim here on the western shore of Loch Indaal for over a decade before the Master Distiller retired.

Driving our programme of innovation forward, Adam believes that the time is now right to release limited quantities of three, all-new, ten year olds.

This is Adam’s Laddie Ten


Created by a different hand from a different recipe of casks, these drams represent a snapshot in time.

Diverse in style, they are intimately united by the inviolable principles that underpin the quality of our spirit. Like all those that have passed before them from The House of Bruichladdich, these superb single malt whiskies were trickle distilled using all-Scottish barley and matured for their whole life here, on Islay, in our salt-soaked maritime warehouses.

They have been bottled at the distillery using Islay spring water, without the use of chillfiltration or the addition of artificial colouring.

“Although dramatically different from one another, the DNA of the House of Bruichladdich is apparent throughout – delicate, elegantly floral spirit and the characteristic marine influence, that salt-citrus tang that can only come from maturation by the sea.”

– Adam Hannett

Bruichladdich Distillery hugs the shoreline of loch Indaal, the big sea loch that defines the Rhinns of Islay from the south.

Bruichladdich Distillery
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