Bruichladdich Black Art 1989

Bruichladdich Black ArtBlack Art 1989 Edition:03.1 / 22 Aged Years

The “black art” of distiller Jim McEwan: even we don’t know how Jim has conjured-up this sublime dram – this is something he alone has crafted (in dead of night?) a dark, sensuous whisky, very fine, incredibly elegant, decadently hued, perplexingly complex, mischievously prepared and subtly provocative. beguiling, other-worldly… inspired. This is the third release of the Bruichladdich Black Arts series. The recipe is kept a strict secret and the bottle features the arcane symbols seen on earlier releases.

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Black ArtBlack Art 1989 Edition:03.1 / 22 Aged Years

Tasting Notes

Character – Classic proportions with a texture that is gorgeous. So warm, sweet and mellow after 22 years maturation in the highest quality oak casks, from several nations, leaving nothing more to be desired. Absolutely bewitching!

Colour – Burnished walnut, Moroccan sunsets.

Nose – The voyage of olfactory discovery starts with vanilla pods and chocolate raisins. Hints of warm, Christmas pudding and a splash of mulberry wine follow, all encased in a date syrup and walnut cradle. Add a dash of water and the direction changes; now we are joined by plump, ripe blueberries with a nuance of damson jam. Little hints of cinnamon and aniseed join the harmonious throng as they enter into the valley of oaks, where the mellow, sweet, vanilla notes have waited patiently to impart their majestic characters to the spirit; this they do in harmony with the lighter fruits, gleaned at birth from the malted barley. The pear, mango, papaya and honeydew melon is a seduction of the senses.

Palate – The power of the oak encompasses the structure of the spirit, ensuring that all the characters can be experienced; their journey was long, and now you are there to hear their story and share in the harmony that’s to be found in the glass. It’s the Black Art of man-made spirit, nature’s natural resources, and the distiller’s never-ending quest to find the ultimate taste experience. At Bruichladdich we are constantly making spiritual journeys, seeking new and exciting experiences for those who have been with us since we first set sail a decade ago. Stay on board for our next voyage!

Finish – The finish is heart-warming, lasting long into the night. The flavours are like friends who listen and never disagree; who give comfort and companionship when there is no one else around; or in company, they bring out the best in all who partake of the Black Art.

Mood – Self indulgence.

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