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A selection of frequently asked questions [FAQ] about Bruichladdich single malt Scotch whisky, our process, the people who make it and our home at Bruichladdich Distillery on the island of Islay.

Does it matter where islay whisky is matured
Whisky Knowledge

Does it matter where Islay whisky is matured?

30th December 2015/by Jane Carswell
population of islay
Whisky Knowledge

What is the population of Islay?

2nd December 2014/by Carl Reavey
what is peat
Whisky Knowledge

What is peat made from?

26th November 2014/by Carl Reavey
Whisky Knowledge

How does heavily peated water make unpeated whisky?

25th November 2013/by Carl Reavey
is peat sustainable
Whisky Knowledge

Is peat sustainable?

18th September 2013/by Carl Reavey
american oak whisky casks
Whisky Knowledge

What kind of oak is used in our whisky casks?

5th September 2012/by Mark Reynier
Whisky spirit safe
Whisky Knowledge

Is There An E in Whisky?

19th June 2012/by Mark Reynier
barley varieties
Whisky Knowledge

The difference between barley varieties?

18th May 2012/by Mark Reynier
organic barley
Whisky Knowledge

Why use organic barley?

17th May 2012/by Mark Reynier
Bruichladdich Barley Maltings
Whisky Knowledge

Does Bruichladdich use its own barley malting?

15th May 2012/by Mark Reynier
octomore whisky
Whisky Knowledge

Where did the idea for Octomore whisky originate?

9th May 2012/by Mark Reynier
laddie aqua
Whisky Knowledge

What is the Laddie aqua?

30th April 2012/by Mark Reynier
what does bruichladdich mean
Whisky Knowledge

What does Bruichladdich Mean?

6th March 2012/by Mark Reynier
Islay Geology
Whisky Knowledge

Islay geology

29th February 2012/by Mark Reynier
unpeated islay whisky
Whisky Knowledge

Can you have an unpeated Islay Whisky?

9th February 2012/by Mark Reynier
bruichladdich whiskies
Whisky Knowledge

why are there so many Bruichladdich whiskies?

9th February 2012/by Mark Reynier
Guide to chill-filtration
Whisky Knowledge

Bruichladdich’s Guide to Chill-Filtration

3rd October 2011/by Mark Reynier
enjoy bruichladdich
Whisky Knowledge

How to enjoy Bruichladdich Single Malt Whisky?

9th September 2011/by Mark Reynier
Bruichladdich Scotch Whisky
Whisky Knowledge

Definition of Scotch Whisky

18th March 2010/by Mark Reynier
Does Bruichladdich Use Colouring In Its Whisky?
Whisky Knowledge

Does Bruichladdich Use Colouring In Its Whisky?

1st May 2007/by Mark Reynier


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