Octomore 10 Years - First edition


Octomore First edition / 80.5ppm / Aged 10 years

In only a few years, this quite exceptional spirit has built a towering reputation as a unique and highly sophisticated dram. This is a whisky for the connoisseur and the enlightened student of peat. Only ever released at five years of age, the question has always been asked: “How will this incredible spirit develop with age?”. Now for the first time a lucky few will know. Only 6,000 bottles of this first Octomore 10 year old are being released, taking this new cult Islay whisky to another level. This expression is peated to 80.5ppm and bottled at 50% alc/ vol.


Octomore 10

Tasting Notes

Character – Sinewy and sublime. It’s like the sound of Islay – deep, dangerous and hypnotic – pulling you ever closer to the edge. A most exhilarating experience.

Colour – Honey blonde.

Nose – The aromatics rise rapidly. First to arrive, easy to detect, is smoky chocolate and raisin, followed by wild, fresh mint, which together with the oily peatiness is absolute olfactory heaven. This is the precursor to a unique compendium of flavour combinations – juniper, sage, thyme, cinnamon – together they bring you the bouquet of this island’s unique character. Fresh marine notes join the olfactory orchestra and the music is magical! After six minutes the most sumptuous combination of nutty oak and sweet malted barley join the overture. After ten minutes it’s peated marzipan, honey and lemon curd plus the lighter green fruits unique to Bruichladdich.

Palate – The amazingly understated power is not picked up on the nose so the palate is completely taken by surprise. The medium-weighted, almost creamy flavours, are a combination of finesse and muscle. Sweetness and fruit remain on the front palate, while marine and peat smoke move onto the mid and back palate. The rich extracts gel together thanks to the retention of the natural oils. A most alluring mouth feel.

Finish – The decade wait has been worth while. There is pride in the character and honesty of this Islay son.

Mood – Wham bam, thank you ma’am.

Bruichladdich Distillery
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