Hydrometers are used to measure the specific gravity of the spiritMuch equipment dates back to 1881 when the distillery was built.The valinchPortnahaven, the end of the road, The Rhinns.Allan Logan, Distillery ManagerJohn Evans. All our spirit is bottled by hand here at the distillery.Neil Wood and Allan Logan, Octofad.Graham Hayes, Mashman & Stillman.  Production is strictly analogue.Adam HannettSean Gordon checking the ABV using a hydrometer
Oirthir GàidheaL:
coast of the gaels

We respect the past but don't live in its shadow. We believe in innovation and progress, while striving to create intriguing spirit - a spirit with flawless integrity and provenance. We are curious and restless - we never leave well enough alone. Pathfinders where angels fear to tread.

We believe that Islay whisky should have an authenticity derived from where it is distilled and where it is matured... from the philosophies of those who distil it. A sense of place, of terroir that speaks of the land, the barley, the water and the human soul that gave it life.

There are many who would see whisky distilling as an industrial process – a means of standard manufacture and nothing more. We understand distilling to be an ancient art, one that has intrigued the human spirit for centuries. A black art, a mysterious and enigmatic alchemy, that explores the very depths of the distiller’s soul.

Hydrometers are used to measure the specific gravity of the spirit

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Minimum Temperature: 4°C / 39°F


Wind Speed: 33mphVisibility: Moderate


Humidity: 81%


Pressure: 1001mb