Why use organic barley?


We have a passionate belief in barley – the raw material from which all single malt is made.

For many whisky producers barley is merely a commodity product, to be bought from wherever happens to be supplying the cheapest tonnage at the time – be that England, Poland or Lithuania.

For Bruichladdich it is a living, fundamental expression of the land, of the terroir in which it’s grown. Simply put, barley grown free from artificial stimulants and dependancy on pharmaceuticals, better reflects the microclimate from which it takes its nourishment.

Whisky distilled from organically grown barley just seems to have more definition, purity and intensity. It accentuates the barley taste.

This is how farming and whisky production used to be a century ago, before two world wars created the need for super-efficient farming and utterly maximised yields – achieved through the chemical treatment of land and crop: volume at the expense of flavour.

Certainly, organic grapes do not automatically make superior wine; the winemaker must play his part too. And it is the same for whisky.

We lay down casks of Bruichladdich distilled from organic barley – grown not just on individual farms, but individual fields. A fascinating exploration of the influence of terroir on finished spirit.

It’s hardly industrial distilling, but we believe it’s important – land and dram reunited.

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