How to enjoy Bruichladdich Single Malt Whisky?


How do we recommend enjoying our Bruichladdich single malt whisky? You are welcome to taste them neat, however we recommend that our single malts are best enjoyed with the addition of extra still spring water to release the natural aromas and reduce the strength to your preferred level according to mood. This may well be around 40% ABV – or less.

Our whiskies are bottled here on Islay. They are all bottled naturally, free from colouring and chill-filtration, for extra flavour and texture. Where necessary, our whiskies are reduced to 50% with Islay spring water prior to bottling. This is about 25% more alcohol per bottle than a standard strength whisky.

We recommend drinking a glass of water alongside your dram.

It is worth pointing out that one alcohol unit comprises of 10ml of pure alcohol (100% ABV). The majority of our whiskies are bottled at 50%:

46% ABV to Units of Alcohol

Without Dilution
21.75ml of 46% whisky = 1 unit of alcohol

In the Pub
A small pub measure (25ml) = 1.15 units
Larger pub measure (35ml) = 1.6 units

At Home
A miniature (50ml) = 2.3 units
Small home dram (70ml) = 3.2 units
Large home dram (100ml) = 4.6 units

Park Bench
A bottle (700ml) = 34.5 units (4 litres strong lager)

Useful Comparisons:
1 pub measure (25ml) of 40% whisky = 1 unit
1 small pub goblet of wine (125mls) = 1 unit
1 Alcopop (400mls) = 2 units
A can of basic lager (500mls) = 2 units
1 can strong lager = 4 units
1 pint Ale (5%) = 2.84 units
1 bottle wine (13%) = 9.75 units
A large glass of wine (190mls) = 1 miniature

Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, about 50 calories per unit of alcohol. A large home-poured dram would have the equivalent calories of a pint of lager. While you may die of schlerosis, it won’t be from being fat. A small pub measure of whisky (25 mls) has the same calories as an equally size fruit juice mixer – just 25% of a pint of lager or ale or 16% of a packet of dry roasted peanuts.

But don’t start celebrating just yet. Alcohol increases your blood sugar levels making you feel hungry. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. It is advisable to eat substantially before you consume alcohol, or at least at the same time, where it is absorbed more slowly. This gives the liver more time to break down the alcohol.

Avoid fizzy drinks where the bubbles can cause the valve between the stomach and intestine to open, sending alcohol straight to the intestines – the part of the body that absorbs alcohol the fastest.

Obviously, the more you drink, the worse the effects are going to be. Equally, Drinking faster than the liver can break down alcohol allows it to build up in the bloodstream – the faster you drink the faster the effects. The effects of alcohol can be felt between ten and twenty minutes after consumption.

At the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious: Don’t drink excessive amounts. Savour the flavour.

Drink lots of water before you go to bed.

Alcohol can affect your mood, making you feel depressed, extrovert, sexy, confused, sleepy and angry – but not all at once. It can also affect your short-term… um.. where was I?

It goes without saying, please drink responsibly:

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We encourage you to enjoy our single malts responsibly.