Robert Harvey's Bag

by Jane Carswell on 8th December 2017 in The Distillery

A piece of history was returned to the distillery recently; the Gladstone-style ...

Bruichladdich distil spirit from Islay-grown rye

by Jane Carswell on 1st December 2017 in On Barley, Talking Whisky

Production director Allan Logan and head distiller Adam Hannett of Bruichladdich...

Frazer Matthews' Valinch

by Jane Carswell on 9th November 2017 in Our People

Having turned 21 last month, Frazer recognises the extra freedom that a childhoo...

Ian, Derek, and 1881 other fans

by Jane Carswell on 15th October 2017 in The Distillery

"From the first time I walked through the doors at the distillery, I knew that t...

Roddy MacEachern's Valinch

by Jane Carswell on 2nd October 2017 in Our People

Now we come to think about it, Roddy MacEachern’s job title of “IT assistant...

Bruichladdich Woodcuts on Show at Royal Scottish Academy

by Jane Carswell on 14th September 2017 in Other stuff

Our printmaker friend, Jono Lloyd, has had his print of the mas...

Josh Wood Marathon Winner

by Jane Carswell on 11th September 2017 in Our People

On Sunday, the annual Islay marathon took place for the fourth time, in spite of...

Adam Hannett on the Islay Barley Series

by Jane Carswell on 23rd August 2017 in On Barley

As we approach this year's harvest on the island and look forward to September's...

Islay Remembers

by Jane Carswell on 22nd August 2017 in The Distillery

Islay Campbell works with local contractor Andrew Wood to collect the draff at t...

Chloe Wood's valinch

by Jane Carswell on 14th August 2017 in Our People

“Taking Islay with me will be easy…” says Chloe Wood who’ll be 23 this m...

Octomore Eights - a Masterclass

by Jane Carswell on 8th August 2017 in Talking Whisky

The spirit of Octomore has been defying logic for over fifteen years....

67 Sherry Butts Arrive

by Jane Carswell on 2nd August 2017 in The Distillery

We took delivery of a load of 67 sherry butts this morning....

On Board with the Great Islay Swim

by Jane Carswell on 31st July 2017 in Other stuff

We joined the support boat for the Sound of Islay leg of the ‘...

Bere Barley - Current Research

by Jane Carswell on 12th July 2017 in On Barley

News from Dr Peter Martin, of the Agronomy Institute of the University of the Hi...

Lindsay Dunlop and the Boby Mill

by Jane Carswell on 7th July 2017 in The Distillery

A look inside the 1913 mill that prepares all our barley for mashing, with the m...

The Three Peaks Yacht Race

by Jane Carswell on 20th June 2017

This year, as we did last year, we are providing the prizes and following with i...

Bottling on Islay

by Jane Carswell on 19th June 2017 in The Distillery

This month sees a hiatus in production at the distillery while the equipment rec...

James Brown on Barley

by Jane Carswell on 13th June 2017 in On Barley

James Brown, of Octomore farm, joined us for a recent tasting of single cask Oct...


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