Despite the small number of raw ingredients in Scotch whisky, only a handful of producers will share their origins. Being transparent about what’s in your glass is still a surprisingly radical approach, but you have the right to know what’s in your bottle.

We argue that flavour is derived from the whisky making process and ALL of the ingredients. The age of the spirit and the type of casks used are not the only signifiers of quality. A whisky like this should be considered in its entirety.

Key To ingredients

[ N°. OF CASKS ] – The number of casks will help you estimate how much of that spirit type is in your overall recipe. You should note that some types of casks have a stronger influence than others. For instance, first fill ex-wine casks impart a stronger flavour to our spirit, than first fill ex-bourbon casks. Virgin oak casks are particularly powerful.

[ DISTILLATION YEAR ] – This refers to the year the spirit was distilled and filled into casks. Within this section, there are some years that are displayed and some that are redacted. We are only allowed to display the year relating to the youngest component part; meaning the spirit that has spent the least time maturing in their respective casks. The other years have to be hidden due to EU law. While this is frustrating, you can use what’s there to calculate the age of the youngest part, as we also tell you when your spirit was bottled – top right. For example, if the youngest spirit was distilled in 2012, and the batch was bottled in 2019, all of your whisky is at least 6 years old.

[ BARLEY ORIGIN ] – Simply, where or how the barley was grown.

[ CASK TYPE ] – In order, this describes the country of origin, the type of alcohol it previously held, the size of the cask and how many times it has been filled by Bruichladdich.

Bruichladdich Distillery
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We encourage you to enjoy our single malts responsibly.