port charlotte Port Charlotte 10

Second Limited Edition

Port Charlotte Ten Second limited edition

Port Charlotte Single malts are an enigma. While heavily peated, they also possess a surprising finesse, an elegant complexity created by men distilling at a slow trickle. This maximises contact between spirit and copper still, cleansing our new make of medicinal notes while preserving a smoky Atlantic freshness.

The smouldering heat of peat and dark fruit is finessed by floral top notes, a twist of citrus and mellow oak. Full term in first-fill bourbon, sherry, tempranillo and French wine casks. Bottled at 50% alc. vol. using Islay Spring water. Heavily peated Islay Single malt – 40ppm. 18,000 individually numbered bottles only.

Tasting Notes

Polished brass

Initially there is such a clean open ozone character as the smoke is hidden. Gingerbread, raspberry vanilla, then the smoke creeps in with notes of clove, rubber and polish, but it does not over- power the gentle aromas of tinned peaches in syrup sweet red apples and brambles. Caramel and cinder toffee, digestive biscuits and lemon drops all sit under a halo of crisp peat smoke.

The oak sweetness of vanilla and toasted malty bread are wrapped in heather smoke giving medicinal type notes of bog myrtle and bracken reminiscent of a summer’s day on the peat moss. There are layers in this whisky that take time to reveal themselves. To begin, cinder toffee and salted caramel with a lovely balance of honeysuckle and lily. Next comes treacle and soft fruit, apricot and pineapple with a dusting of icing sugar. The texture is luxurious yet with a little more bite than the Laddie 10.

Long and smoky, this whisky was a delight to assemble. The complexity in the different types of oak and the way they come together in harmony to create a flawless spirit is a beauty to behold. A sophisticated, smouldering heat in the true Port Charlotte style.

Enjoy the first sip to the last and then wait in the moment as the smoke lingers on and revel in the passion pride skill and history that inspired and created this fine whisky. Enjoy the first sip to the last and then wait in the moment as the smoke lingers on.

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