port charlotte PC8

Ar duthchas

Port-charlotte PC8 Ar duthchas

The fourth expression of this young Ileach dram, now an 8-Year-Old. This bottling, AR DUTHCHAS, pays homage to those who came before us here on the Rhinns of Islay – our distant forefathers who made their mark on the land and the soul of this magical place: “HERE ON THE REMOTE RHINNS OF ISLAY WE ARE CONSTANTLY REMINDED OF THE HERITAGE OF OUR FOREFATHERS – THE EVIDENCE OF THEIR CULTURE AND BELIEFS, THEIR ENDURANCE AND SKILLS STILL SHINE THROUGH CLEARLY TO THOSE WHO CARE TO LOOK MORE CLOSELY.

Tasting Notes

A freeborn spirit unfettered, uninhibited and as independent as the people who make it.

Chartreuse sunshine.

An updraft of sea spray and peat smoke greets you with spicy pepper and lemon aromas all exploding simultaneously. Spindrift on canvas sails with a tailwind of heather and myrtle. Then the sweetness of oak and malted barley burst through bringing calm for a while before you are swept onto the next wave.

Viscous, rich and oily. Peat fire flavours and the mellow rich taste of sweet, oaky Demerara sugar toddy. Waves of Islay wash over the palate. An original Islay darm, unlike any other.

Dreams come true and desires fulfilled! This prodigy of Islay’s west coast clearly shows that coastal maturation is THE key element as waves of marine notes add the vital spark to the oak sweetness of the spirit.

Macho. Testosterone. Virile, hunter/gatherer. The power of this spirit reaches deep in to the soul.

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