octomore 2.2/ 140 ppm


Octomore 2.2/ 140 ppm Orpheus

The extraordinarily haunting, towering Octomore spirit, again at 140ppm.

The extraordinarily haunting, towering Octomore spirit, again at 140ppm, but this time further matured in exceptional French oak casks uniquely supplied to us by the stellar Bordeaux chateau, Petrus. The result is quite extraordinary – elegant peat smoke with lingering fruit, a coating of heathery honey and grind of black pepper for good measure. Quite unique.

Jim Murray's Single Malt of the Year (multiple cask) 2010 - and at five years' old!

The red tin symbolises the flames of hell which Orpheus battled to rescue his wife from the god of the underworld. To be "Orphic" is to be mystic, fascinating and entrancing, for he was believed to have discovered mysteries, purification from sins, and by music, the means of averting the wrath of the Gods. Truly, this is Octomore.

Tasting Notes

Wow! A single malt life support system! Massive, power-packed yet not aggressive. Petrus and Peat – who would have guessed that such diverse flavours could create something so amazing? Single malt sorcery!

Golden orange.

Opens on a mix of peat, bracken, smoky bacon, dry seaweed, pitch, tarry fishnets. Then subtle notes of Islay’s moors and glens; rowan, ash, juniper, heather flowers and peaty riverbanks. Add water and succulent red fruits emerge, plums, ripe grapes, redcurrant jelly, raspberry, cherry and Turkish Delight.

The heat of the 61% Alc. stokes the fire and all the aromatic discoveries explode on the palate; the smoke, the succulent red fruits, mellow oak, malted barley, a squeeze of lemon, a dash of black pepper, a hint of heather honey and, finally, a trace of bourbon.

The crucible of the senses. A thrilling taste experience! If Islay passion were liquid then this would be it. Rejoice that one distiller continues to go where no malt has gone before and become part of the journey!

Cunning, conspiratorial, Machiavellian. Whatever next?

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