Kyle Ford and Collectif 1806

We enjoyed the company of a group from the USA known as the Collectif 1806 back in December last year. Named for the date when 'The Balance and Columbian Repository' (a magazine that was published in Hudson, New York) first defined a 'cocktail', the group comprises professional mixologists sponsored by the Remy Cointreau 'core militant' movement and they were to spend three days with us here on Islay immersed in all things Bruichladdich. Suitably primed with first hand experience of life at our progressive Hebridean distillery, they would be able to take their knowledge back to the States and help spread the word during a series of product launches that are currently taking place in cities right across the country.
One of the participants was Kyle Ford of the 'Ford Mixology Lab'. Kyle has written a comprehensive blog about his experience at what has become known as the Laddie 'Academy', an induction programme that we have put in place to help spread an understanding of what Bruichladdich is about - both philosophically and in terms of practical, hands-on experience. Currently restricted to members of the trade from around the world, we are actively considering ways of making The Academy more widely available to Laddiefans from around the world from 2015 onwards.  Watch this space for details.  Cheers....!

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