port charlotte PC6

cuairt beatha

Port-charlotte PC6 cuairt beatha

The walk of life – recognizes the spiritual journey of both this extraordinary new whisky and the men who made it, continue to nurture it, and now bring it to you.

There is real excitement in witnessing the progress of this whisky - a year older - that little mellower, that more complete as time knocks off the rough edges of youth, while the boisterous alcohol level falls, maturity beckons.

Tasting Notes

The ultimate islay six-pack. it’s a war of the elements: gaelic skills, atlantic tempests, ancient oak,
smouldering peat all detonate from the glass in a thunderstorm of hebridean spirit unrestrained by age.

Sorrel chestnut/polished hazel.

Opens beautifully, balanced on malt, peat and young spirit. the youth and strength of the spirit infusing
the aromas of green apple, mild mint, clove, bayleaf and forest greenwood. given a dash of water and time
little notes of meadowsweet, iris and honeysuckle put their head above the parapet but don’t linger too
long as the next wave of bracken and smoke with a slipstream of vanilla is about to overload the olfactory
senses. the madeira cask influence lies deep in the glass and brings the rich notes of syrupy dates and
raisins which hold up well to the onslaught.

Absolute rock ‘n’ roll islay. the heat of 61.6% plus 40ppm peat - and it’s still only six years old - together
develop into a unique palate experience. if you love peated malt thid kid has the “wow” factor. it’s got an
effervescence of spindrift and smoke, sweet citrus - the texture of the spirit is awesome due to trickle
distillation. it’s the integration of all the characters of this island - particularly the guys who made it -
that gives this spirit a 100% islay dna. this is a spirit that challenges, it exhilarates and it delivers - big time.

Albert einstein said: “everything that is great and inspiring is created of individuals who labour in freedom”.
i believe this spirit meets his vision.

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