port charlotte PC5


Port-charlotte PC5 evolution

Port Charlotte islay single malt whisky has been produced at bruichladdich distillery by master distiller jim mcewan in homage to the exceptional single malt produced in the village of port charlotte until 1929.

This was the very first pc release, the very first step on the “walk of life”, as jim puts it, for this bold young ileach. the beginning of a new dynasty. heavily peated and unmistakably islay, this cask strength bottling of only 6000 bottles was a milestone in our progress as a distillery, and is much cherished.

Tasting Notes

medium weight, alive, muscular, power-packed, no extra sensory perception required, it’s 100% gale force islay.
a rediscovery of hand-made single malt - the way it used to be. the waiting is over!

sunshine on warm copper.

like a thunderstorm, the aromas burst from the glass like some kind of hebrideam firecracker - exploding with
peat, bracken, heather roots, turf, oak, charcoal, marine pitch and gusting sea squalls - it’s flying!
the slipstream reveals sherry - mellow, rich and nutty; followed by bourbon - sweet vanilla and russian toffee.
then you find yourself in the eye of the storm: and the fruity aromas drift in - green apples, gooseberry, honeyed
limes then a brief respite from the returning storm, which as the spirit warms on the back of the palate, brings
an infusion of all the elements that make this island’s whiskies so special.

all the aromas found on the nose are swept onto the palate with incredible peat-fire warmth, filling the heart
with passion. it’s young whisky and old skills in absolute harmony; not for the faint-hearted.

deliverance from indifference!

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