port charlotte An Turas Mor

Multi Vintage

Port-charlotte An Turas Mor Multi Vintage

Port Charlotte Multi Vintage An Turas Mor - Gaelic for The Great Journey.

Tasting Notes

A cleverly complex, peaty spirit with strong individuality of character, and absolute integrity.

Gilded lily.

Peat smokiness with vanilla sweetness. Followed by spicy black pepper and lemon spiciness, then little wavelets of saltiness. Waiting patiently to emerge are nutmeg, cinnamon, wild mint and the malty sweetness of spring barley.

Brilliant creaminess. The texture, layer upon layer, imparts an evenness of flavours across the palate and cools the peat fire warmth. A beautiful waltz of aromas, scents, flavours and feelings move across the palate. Total.

An extraordinary mix of vanilla sweetness and peat smoke with a splash of green fruit syrup and it lingers long and mellow giving total satisfaction. A captivating and uplifting experience to enjoy the art of traditional handcrafted distillation. This is complete.

Defiant. They shall not pass. The thin red line.

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