octomore 3.1/ 152 ppm

Octomore 3.1/ 152 ppm

The fourth release in the Octomore series and the most heavily-peated yet.

The freshness and heather are still there, with more of a trace of bitter chocolate in this one, which just sits behind and plays in and out of that awesome peat smokiness. As Jim says:

"Like getting hit by a 20ft wave that has crashed over the peat bogs of Islay!"

Tasting Notes

What a sensation! Please try it first without water to experience the full power of this amazing spirit.

Winter sunshine.

The senses are totally ambushed. A vortex of peat smoke and fire, iodine, wet seaweed, tarry pitch and soaking sailcloth. The more subtle notes of hawthorn and heather, bog myrtle and mint, pine resin and mountain thyme emerge slowly bringing a coolness to the palate.

A stunning combination of aromatics and flavours. The senses pick up the mellow oakiness from the sweet bourbon casks coming through like chicory and bitter chocolate which brings balance and subtle smoothness. Also, deep down the Bruichladdich DNA of soft green fruits.

The palate and olfactory system have been completely seduced, having survived the war of the elements, and the flavours remain long after the storm has passed.

Defiance. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Like getting hit by a 20ft wave that has crashed over the peat bogs of Islay!

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