bruichladdich The Sixteen - Bourbon

Bruichladdich The Sixteen - Bourbon

An American Classic - Bruichladdich in white oak. Quercus Alba from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, for centuries used by Kentucky Bourbon distillers appreciative of its dense-knit grain and strong vanillin flavours.

Since prohibition, surplus Bourbon casks are the predominant wood for maturing Scotch. This 16 Year Old Bruichladdich has been matured in Jim Beam casks. We then gave it an additional cask evolution in fresh American oak from Buffalo Trace to take this classic, elegant Bruichladdich spirit to another level.

Tasting Notes

This is the epitome of Bruichladdich style, a confident single malt.

Bright, golden sunlight.

With sherbet fizz and nougat sweetness it’s balanced by the strong, mellow, oaky flavours from the 1st fill Bourbon hogsheads which add lashings of butterscotch, fudge and bonbons to this stylish and elegant dram. The aromas of unpeated, crisp malted barley explode from the glass, slipstreamed by the freshest fruit flavours - notes of cantaloupe melons, grapes, guava and persimmon.

Medium weight, strong and robust. A spirit that is packed with vitality and flavour bursting from the glass and eager to please.

This is as easy as it gets with single malt. It’s in top condition, there is no colouring and no chill-filtration. It’s unpeated, its flawless.

Any time of day malt. Equally good as an aperitif as after dinner.

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