bruichladdich DNA_2: 1977

Bruichladdich DNA_2: 1977

The second in our iconic DNA series – "a glimpse into the heart and soul of Bruichladdich", and the oldest and rarest spirit we will release.

This 1977 has slumbered in our Atlantic-exposure warehouses all its life in American oak Bourbon casks. An uber-rare 32 year-old spirit when bottled at a cask strength of 47.7%, it was distilled on the 1st of July and the 26th of October 1977… the year Elvis died.

There is only one King, there is only one Bruichladdich. Uh-huh.

Tasting Notes

Absolutely unbelievable. A texture as soft as swansdown; it waltzes serenely over the palate with style and splendour.

Molten gold.

The curtain goes back to reveal aromas of crystallised lemons and pineapple splashed with warm, wild honey that harmonises beautifully with the mellowest of sweet oak notes which also add that soft fudge, vanilla pod note. Then the freshness of dew-soaked Islay botanicals – crushed mint and wild gooseberry.

The soft warm, winds of June blowing off the ocean and across the heather moorlands of Islay freshness is there and creates an opening for the crisp sweet notes and flavour of the malted barley to emerge.

The mouthfeel is exquisite, the flavours well-defined and in harmony, all is well.

Selfish, time and space needed. A superlative Bruichladdich. A rare malt for even rarer moments.

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