bruichladdich DNA_1: THE "36*"

Bruichladdich DNA_1: THE "36*"

The first expression in our iconic DNA series and some of the oldest spirit we will ever release.

This super-limited bottling represents the last of our late Sixties and early 1970 casks, selected and married together by Jim McEwan. Jim then allowed these hallowed spirits to quietly get to know each other with a final flourish in the very finest French oak, in exceptional casks from the elite Pomerol chateau, Le Pin.

A glimpse into the heart and soul of Bruichladdich – our very DNA.

Tasting Notes

Bruichladdich’s very DNA. An absolute masterpiece and a marvellous example of how whisky can still be outstanding at such a great age provided the cask and spirit were in top condition at the outset.


Soft sultanas, raisins, dates, walnuts and toasted almonds are the opening notes. Round the edges little notes of linden and orange blossom add to the magic all encased in a cradle of Crème Brulee, gently sprayed with mellow bourbon throughout. The vanilla from the toasted oak sugar gives delectability as never experienced before.

Mellow oak still showing that deep warmth which comes from spirits that have not been reduced in strength because time has done that for you. The silky texture from the exceptional oak of the Le Pin casks give this an extra ethereal dimension.

This spirit is reduced in strength naturally over four decades, thus the warmth that we encounter. Superb length, great persistence, that never-ending reminder of a more innocent age. This is a fabulous “piece de resistance”.

Self-indulgent. Solitude. Late night, home, secure. Sigh with pleasure and cry with joy that you have experienced a truly unique spirit and tell the world “I have tasted with the Gods”.

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